Cold Mix Asphalt vs Concrete
Street Wise vs. Conventional Mix
1. Apply all year long – summer or winter
1. Usually require dry moderate temps
2. Use over wet or dry base
2. Base must be dry
3. Repairs are permanent*
3. Patches are temporary
4. Do it yourself-Saves labor cost
4. Contractor’s exorbitant cost on small jobs
5. Eliminates pothole hazards any time
5. No winter / rain season repairs
of the year
6. Custom orders – shipped in 50 lb. bags or in bulk
6. Available in bulk only

7. Special modifiers ensure freshness and permanent patches.

7. Very limited storage life, no matter what storage methods are used.

Street Wise vs. Bagged Concrete
1. Ready to use – No mixing, heating or priming
1. Must be mixed on site
2. Easy to apply – Just fill and tamp
2. Labor Intensive to apply
3. No messy clean up
3. Ruined equipment and tools
4. Sets up instantly
4. Must allow to cure for a day
5. No tools or equipment needed
5. Correct finishing tools required
6. Can be applied in wet or dry conditions
6. Must be applied in dry conditions

7. Available in water proof bags

7. Must be kept dry at all times