Questions about Street Wise's Cold Mix Asphalt

How is Street Wise® Sold?
It is conveniently sold in 50-pound plastic bags or it is also available in bulk.

What is the shelf life of Street Wise® bags?
Because Street Wise® is bagged in plastic bags that are double ply with black insides it is protected from sun damage. This allows Street Wise® the ability to be stored properly for up to one year.

What is the shelf life of Street Wise® in a stockpile?
Depending on weather and storage conditions Street Wise® can be stored for up to one year.

Are there temperature requirements when installing Street Wise®?
No, because of the special blended formula Street Wise® can be used in any temperature condition.

Can Street Wise® be used in the rain or snow?
Yes, Street Wise® can be used to fill any pothole regardless of the elements. For best results we recommend sweeping out any standing water or debris. Doing this will insure the best results possible.

Are there any special tools or compactors needed to install Street Wise®?
We recommend using a hand tamper. It may also be compacted using the tires of a vehicle. Once the patch is repaired further compaction will occur when it is opened to traffic.

What is the waiting period before opening the area to traffic?
No waiting time. Traffic can immediately roll over the patched area. We actually recommend letting vehicles onto the patch. This will help with compaction.

Can an area that has been patched with Street Wise® be overlaid without removing the patch?
Absolutely! There is no need in removing the patch. Our special blend insures Street Wise® to adhere to the surface.

How thick should I apply Street Wise®?
Any depth patch can be repaired. We recommend that every 2 inch lift, the material be compacted.